Next gathering on Tuesday, 4th of March, 7-8.30pm

rentcontrolIf you have problems with your landlord or agency and are looking for support or specific information, it would be great if you could drop in a little earlier or drop us an e mail in advance (
It’s worth coming along even if you haven’t got the problem of dirty water dripping from the ceiling into your bed (that’s sad reality for some private renters in the borough!).

  • We save 30 minutes of every meeting learn together about a specific housing policy and discuss the different arguments of the debate. At the moment, we’re talking about concepts of “rent control” and the history of rent control in UK.
  • We also plan a free renters rights workshop, together with London Citizens activists based at Queen Mary University. More information following soon!
  • We’re involved in organizing a London wide housing festival at the end of April 2014, providing an open space to get to know each other, to share experiences amongst housing groups, to learn together, to plan joint activities and to have fun!

It would be great to see you at our meeting! Get involved in the way you like…


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