No more slum landlords! Protest at Tower Hamlets town hall

We had a great protest action today in support of Michael, a private renter living in Shadwell, who was recently served an eviction notice by his landlord after reporting dangerous conditions in his block to the council. About 20 people gathered outside Tower Hamlets Town Hall and gave out leaflets to inform the attendees of the first council meeting of Michael’s fight for a decent and secure home. We were supported by Unite Community, Lambeth Renters and DIGS – thank you!

If you’d like to support Michael and other local people who are facing eviction, please come to our public campaign meeting on Wednesday, 18 June, 6-7.30 at the Unite Community Centre, St. George’s Town Hall, 236 Cable Street, Shadwell. Follow us on Twitter for updates on upcoming events and actions.

DSC00751TowerHamletsRenters_protest_11JuneDSC00735DSC00729  DSC00743  DSC00748


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