Are you facing eviction? Want to support others who do? Open campaign meeting, Wednesday, 18 June, 6-7.30pm

This public meeting is about bringing people together to campaign locally against forced evictions. Are you facing eviction yourself?  Or maybe you want to support others and get involved in local campaigns to keep people in their homes?

Please come along and let others know about the meeting – you might know of a friend or neighbour who is in danger of eviction? Open campaign meeting, Wednesday, 18th of June, 6-7.30 pm to the Unite Community Centre, 236 Cable Street (see map).

DSC00751Sharing experiences: Campaigning against Michael’s eviction
We’re currently campaigning against a retaliatory eviction of Michael, who lived in Shadwell for 24 years. He contacted the council about serious health and safety issues in the building and got shortly after an eviction notice served. Michael will attend the meeting and share his experience.

Once upon a time…
Tenants in this country used to have more rights. Since 1988 when Assured Shorthold Tenancies were introduced, renters lost their security of tenure. Now we can be evicted (if the fixed term of our contract has ended) simply because our landlord can evict you because they don’t like your accent, the colour of your skin or because you’ve asked him if he would please be kind enough to fix your broken boiler. We call this problem retaliatory eviction, and it’s what we’re collecting.

The Unite Community Centre is in the basement of St. George's Town Hall

The Unite Community Centre is in the basement of St. George’s Town Hall, next to the 100 bus stop


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