Housing demo at Tower Hamlets Town Hall, Weds 30 July, to call for Better Conditions Without Evictions – Please join us


6-7pm, Wednesday, 30th July, outside Tower Hamlets Town Hall

THPR pays a visit to Michael's property agent

Tower Hamlets Private Renters visited Michael’s property agent earlier this month

Please join us for a demo outside TH Town Hall from 6pm until 7pm to raise awareness of the poor conditions and insecurity private tenants face and to pressure TH Council into supporting people like Michael who face eviction and homelessness for daring to ask for repairs to be made.

At 7.30pm we will attend the full Council Meeting where:

·   THPR will ask Council what action they are taking to enforce better conditions in the private rented sector.

·   Michael will ask how Council proposes to deal with rogue landlords and protect tenants from eviction.

·   Councillors will be asked to support a motion calling for Michael’s landlord to rescind his eviction and instead engage with tenants over their concerns.

Michael has lived at Chapman House, Shadwell, for 25-years, but is now facing eviction* and homelessness for reporting dangerous conditions that the landlord repeatedly ignored.

Neighbours have also reported threats of eviction and rent increases when they complain, but are too scared to speak out after seeing what’s happened to Michael.

Michael outside his flat with the loose concrete

Michael outside his flat with the loose concrete.

Michael’s treatment is all the more shocking given his landlord, who owns more than 60 properties, is a charity that claims to tackle poverty earning hundreds of thousands of pounds tax-free from rent each year.

Together we must pressure the Council to take action against such unscrupulous individuals and companies that abuse private renters in Tower Hamlets and tell them:


We also call on the Council to consult with Tower Hamlets Private Renters before implement a landlord licensing scheme. The scheme must use the laws available to improve conditions in the private rented sector and squeeze out landlords who refuse to cooperate.

Please join us for the demo outside Tower Hamlets Town Hall, Mulberry Place, E14 2BG, from 6-7pm on Wednesday, 30th July, to maintain pressure on the Council to support private renters.

*Michael received a Section 21 in February, which was rescinded after his solicitor noticed irregularities in the paperwork. He has now received a new Section 21 demanding he leaves by the end of September.

For more information visit: towerhamletsrenters.org


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