Private renters join anti-bedroom tax campaigners to lobby Council

TH Town Hall 30-07-14Tower Hamlets Private Renters linked up with the Benefit Justice campaign outside TH Town Hall this week to call on the council to support people being evicted from their homes.

Private renters are being kicked out for complaining about poor and dangerous conditions by callous and lazy landlords while those in social housing face eviction if they can’t afford to pay a recently introduced tax on a perceived ‘spare room’.

We had been scheduled to ask the full council meeting what was being done to improve living conditions and prevent retaliatory evictions in the private rented sector, and call on officials to consult with us on implementing a landlord licensing scheme.

However, along with two campaigners fighting to save the borough’s GP surgeries from closure, we were prevented from doing so after the Speaker ignored us and moved onto the next item on the agenda.

With only 20 minutes allowed for eight questions to be asked by members of the public and a failure to control proceedings by the Speaker as outlined in council guidelines, the 20 minutes was soon over before we good speak.

With serious concerns across the country over a lack of participation in the political process it is striking that those who would seek to engage are dismissed so readily and rudely without acknowledgement or apology.


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