Come to our next gathering! Monday, 29 Sept, 7-8.30pm

Focus E 15 occupation

campaigning for over a year now: the Focus E 15 mums

We live in very exciting times, there is a growing housing movement in London! Angry mothers who had to leave their homeless hostel in East London last year when its mother-and-baby unit was shut down took their campaign onto an empty council estate in protest at the lack of social housing! The Focus E 15 mums got rehoused in the private rented sector and we all know what this means in lots of cases: paying a ridiculously high rent for a tiny and often moldy space, with a yearly rent increase on top and no security at all.

That’s why we supported the political occupation during the last days. We where pleased that the mayor of Tower Hamlets, Lutfur Rahman, showed his support for the Focus E 15 mums and their struggle for social housing, not social cleansing on twitter.

Let’s come together and catch up!

Carpenters estate occupation

the Carpenters Estate by Nick Richards

Other items on the agenda are Michael’s eviction process and the upcoming protest against the world’s larges property fare MIPIM, coming to London on October 15-17th. Investors, developers, local authorities and banks will meet to organize the sell-offs of our public land and homes.


Monday  29 September, 7-8.30pm
Unite Community Centre, 236 Cable Street, London E1 0BL (see map)
with tea and biscuits 🙂

THR in Carpenter Estate

Tower Hamlets Renters poster in the occupied Carpenters Estate, Stratford


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