Next TH Private Renters meeting: Tuesday, 10 Feb, 7 – 9pm

Our next Tower Hamlets Private Renters meeting is on Tuesday, 10 Feb, between 7 and 9pm, in the cafe (4th flr) of the Whitechapel Ideas Store (our usual venue on Cable St is booked up).

Please join us if you’re interested in getting involved in campaigning on private renter housing issues in the borough. There couldn’t be a better time with the housing crisis deepening, media coverage ballooning and the national elections impending.

On the agenda is:

1. Deciding if we should carry out an action during the ‘Week of Action’ (14th – 23rd Feb) called by the Radical Housing Network – and if so, on what private renting issue should it focus.

Currently there is a Love Council Housing action on Sat, 14 Feb, a Unite Community private renters event on Sat 21st, and a London-wide action at City Hall on Mon, 23rd. We have currently earmarked Weds, 17th, to do the action if we agree to go ahead.

2. The upcoming consultation by TH Council on whether to implement a landlord licensing scheme. No doubt landlords in the borough will seek to prevent it becoming a reality, so the more responses from TH residents in favour of it the easier it will be for them to bring it in. What should we do to help? Rabina Khan, the elected head of housing, has offered to organise a workshop on the scheme and consultation process.

3. There has been some talk with activists from a non-housing campaign (yes, they exist) about organising a hustings in Tower Hamlets to question our prospective MPs on particular issues. Is this something we should get behind if housing was made a key issue on the agenda? We would need to work with a number of other groups on making this happen – most likely other specific campaign groups and trade unions.

4. Any other business you feel is pertinent and relevant!

As you can see, plenty of important points to discuss and we really need your input and support. We positively welcome newcomers – you are our future :o) – and will spend a bit of time at the beginning finding out about each other.

Hope to see you there: 7-9pm, in the cafe of the Whitechapel Ideas Store (4th flr), Whitechapel Road, E1 1BU.


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