A series of housing films, talks and workshops in Hoxton next week: 19-21st March, curated by Focus E15

It can all be a bit overwhelming at times: evictions, marches, occupations, local meetings, regional ones, new local grassroots campaigns launching every month.

It’s great that people are taking action and standing up for what should be their rights, but it’s sometimes hard to keep up.

So a sprinkle of talks, workshops and social events can provide a good opportunity to catch up, meet those involved and learn from each other in a relaxed environment.

So as if by coincidence Focus E15 are holding a series of events next week at the Peer Gallery in Hoxton (97-99 Hoxton St) to hopefully achieve just that!

Maybe see some of you there..

Thurs 19th, 1.30pm-3pm: The Transformation of London Council Housing 1960s-2010s: From Gentrification Buffer to State-led Gentrification” – with Paul Watt (Birkbeck), Tawanda Nyabango (Carpenters Estate, Newham) and Jasmin Parsons (Our West Hendon).

Thurs 19th, 3.30-5pm: Geraldine Dening (DMU lecturer on architecture) on the role of architecture in the housing crisis. From the way estates were built in the first place, to ways architecture is used as a weapon today (poor doors, boarding up buildings, economic/social cleansing) and if and how architecture can help improve the situation.

Thurs 19th, 7-8pm: Evening of performances, readings and films including:

* Artist Alison Ballance will perform ‘Ursula” http://aballance.tumblr.com/
* Writer and critic Patrick Langley will give a reading from a new text http://www.mrlangley.co.uk/
* Screening of ‘Letter from New Orleans’ by writer and critic Morgan Quaintance. http://morganquaintance.com/.
* Screening of ‘Inversion Reflection’ by artist Rab Harling http://rabharling.com/#

Fri 20th, 12-1pm: screening of Spanish housing eviction resistance film Si Se Puede

Fri 20th, 1.30-3pm: Housing and Tenancy Law Workshop from Sue Lukes (incl, Migrant Housing Law)

Fri 20th, 3.30-4.30pm: Squatting legal workshop: ways of protesting: contributions from Advisory Service for Squatters, Green and Black Cross (Legal), and Legal Defence and Monitoring Group

Fri 20th, 4.30-6pm Open Discussion, live case-work story sharing. Contributions from Sweetsway Estate, HASL, Robin from Unite Communities, Focus E15, Our West Hendon, Guinness, Skills Network, DIGS, Radial Housing Network and many more.

Fri 20th, 6–8.30pm FILM screenings:

*Dorothy Allan-Pickard’s Carpenters State, https://vimeo.com/111399631*Concrete Heart Land by Rastko Novakovic and Steven Ball, about the Heygate Estate  http://www.concreteheartland.info/
*Focus E15 Campaign Films by Kate Belgrave, Jason Parkinson, Julian Samboma. http://www.katebelgrave.com/

Sat 21st, 3-5pm: LONG TABLE Public talk! Open format discussion on housing with key figures and campaigns including Focus E15, Skills Network, Our West Hendon, LCAP, and plenty more…come and join the conversation!


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