Workshop for campaigners on Tower Hamlets landlord licensing scheme, Thurs, 16 April, Shadwell.

6.30pm – 8pm, at Unite Community Centre, Cable Street, E1 0BL

Tower Hamlets Council is currently consulting on implementing a landlord licensing scheme.

The scheme is aimed at forcing landlords to manage their properties more professionally by following the law and meeting housing regulatory standards.

The belief is that improved management should lead to improved condition.

Landlords breaking licensing conditions risk being fined or banned and cannot evict their tenants.


A similar scheme in Newham has seen:

  • 20 landlords managing 300 properties banned since 2013
  • 250 landlords prosecuted in 2014 compared to the rest of London’s 150


However, landlords are likely to challenge the scheme during the consultation claiming it will cause them extra work and increase costs.

The government also recently announced it proposes to limit the use of licensing schemes following a successful lobbying drive by the National Landlords Association.

So it’s important the council is given a clear mandate by residents to implement the scheme if it’s to go ahead.

This can be done by getting hundreds or even thousands of us to respond to the consultation.

But first campaigners should understand how the scheme will work and benefit private renters.

And satisfy any concerns about unintended consequences, for example, increased rents, tougher checks on immigrants, and illegal evictions.

So if you’re interested in seeing better protections for private renters while ensuring there are limited unintended consequences, please join us on:

Thursday, 16 April, between 6.15pm and 8pm


Unite Community Centre, basement of St Georges Hall,

236 Cable St, Shadwell, E1 0BL


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