Next TH Renters meeting: 7-9pm, Tues, 10th Nov: eviction resistance, letting fee research, landlord licensing demo

Next meeting: 7-9pm, Tues, 10th Nov, Unite Community Centre, basement of St Georges Town Hall, 236 Cable St, Shadwell, E1 0BL.

Please join us for our next meeting where we will be hearing about the eviction resistance network and if and how we can set one up in Tower Hamlets. ER is not only a great way of stopping people being kicked out onto the streets, but also to give support for people who often feel alone and powerless, to learn about housing law and our rights from one another, and to meet other activists and local people fighting for better housing.

We will also be looking to encourage people to get involved with our online letting agent fee research project and maybe finish the meeting with a group session for those interested. Generation Rent has made a special software application that had compiled a list of agencies that operate in the borough – it just needs us to fill in the blanks!

And finally we are thinking about holding a demo outside the Town Hall before the next full council meeting about the hold up in implementing the proposed landlord licensing scheme. The new mayor and head of housing have both refused to say what their plans are. TH Renter Michael James will be asking just that to the chamber.

We’ll also hear the usual updates and what is coming up not least the Radical Housing Network’s conference on Sat, 14th Nov.

Hope to see you next week


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