Drop-in Advice Surgery

Private renters in Tower Hamlets face many problems, which we often deal with alone, but there is some support out there.

We are running a twice-monthly drop-in advisory service at the Unite Community Centre where we have our meetings.

  • 1st Tuesday of the month 1-3pm
  • 3rd Tuesday of the month 5-7pm
  • By appointments: contact us by email/phone/text

Unite Community Centre in the basement of St. George’s Town Hall
236 Cable Street, E1 0BL

We should be able to help with:

  • Defending against a S21 (eviction notice). While there is not always a defence there are some, and if your tenancy was signed after 1st October 2015 there are more than ever.
  • Getting the landlord or council to safely deal with poor living conditions that fall below the regulatory standards.
  • Getting help to deal with an abusive landlord whether that be turning up unannounced or threatening or harassing you.
  • Offering your support by listening to your problem and inviting you to our monthly meetings to share and learn from each other.

While TH Renters will do what it can, we have limited resources and are not solicitors, so when appropriate we will help you get more professional help for problems such as illegal evictions, assault or issues with the council.

The amount of help you can get may also depend on whether you are entitled to legal aid. This will depend on your income and whether it’s a civil or criminal matter. But don’t ask and you won’t get, so do.

But we would always suggest arming yourself with your rights in the first place so you have some sense of where you are and where you can go.

Hackney Renters (DIGS) have very useful information on their blog about

Shelter is providing information amongst others about

  • general information on private tenancies – see page
  • eviction of private tenants – see page
  • rent arreas – see page
  • housing benefit for private tentants – see page

Professional housing advice for private renters in Tower Hamlets is provided by (please check their websites before going along):

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