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Kill the Housing Bill with Eastender Lord Michael Cashman – Thurs, 5th May

splashKill the Housing Bill public meeting in Poplar organised by SPLASH, with:

  • Lord Michael Cashman of Limehouse – former Eastender and rights campaigner
  • Eileen Short – Kill the Housing Bill
  • Glenn McMahon – Tower Hamlets Renters
  • Sister Christina – SPLASH


  • 7-9pm, Thurs, 5th May, 2016
  • St Matthias Community Centre, Poplar High St, E14 0AE

Please join us for this important meeting on what the Housing Bill is, how it will affect us and what we can do to challenge it.

The Government wants to:

  • see up to 1.3m housing association homes sold off at up to £100k discounts
  • councils to sell off their social homes to pay for those discounts
  • council housing tenants to pay market rents if they earn £40k+ between them
  • allow developers to replace ‘affordable homes’ with discounted homes for sale

These policies are aimed at getting rid of social homes to make way for private developers to build unaffordable homes and ultimately make London for the wealthy. The rest of us can live in overcrowded conditions, become homeless or leave London altogether.

The impact on families, communities and the vulnerable is incalculable and will raise the housing benefit bill they claim they to want to reduce as the state makes up the difference between higher rents and low-to-middle incomes.

Recent protests and lobbying have helped give the Lords a mandate to make thirteen amendments to the Bill over the past few weeks, but the battle is not over.

We need to keep up the pressure so that the Government accepts the changes and add to the resistance to its devastating policies in other areas including health and education that are aimed at privatising the welfare state so their friends can profit from what should be our fundamental rights.


Next Meeting: 7-9pm, Tues, 9 Feb: drop-in service, letting agent fees, licensing

Please join us for our next meeting this Tuesday, 9 Feb, 7-9pm at the usual place: basement of St George’s Hall, 236 Cable St, E1 0BL.

We’ll be discussing our proposed drop-in service we hope to kick-off later this month, how we should engage with the council, what we should do next after completing our research into the borough’s letting agent fees, what action we should take after the privatisation of Balfron Tower, and the usual updates on recent events – including the introduction of landlord licensing in TH – and ones coming up.

Hopefully see you there

TH Renters