Get Involved!

There are lots of ways you can get involved and help improve the life of private renters. Whether you have particular skills, life experiences or enthusiasm – they’re all needed to tackle the crisis we’re in.

So come along to our next meeting or let’s meet up for a cup of tea and find out what we could do together…

What are we doing at the moment


  • For an end to the use of S21 (two months notice to quit): landlords should not be able to evict tenants without good reason. While there is a new law to help delay revenge evictions by six months we want assurances from the council they will help make it work.
  • For a landlord licensing (LL) scheme that requires landlords to manage their properties professionally and ban callous landlords from the borough. While TH Council will introduce LL in three wards in October 2016 we would like to see them to build the case to roll it out further. We would also like to see them introduce additional licensing in the meantime that regulates shared accommodation.
  • An end to letting agent fees. Research we recently carried out found that TH agents are charging up to £900 in fees for two people to rent a property and up to £762 for one. We would like to see them banned as they have effectively been in Scotland since 2012.
  • Raise awareness of what few rights renters currently have. Many tenants are taken advantage of simply because they are unaware of their rights. While there are few, let’s use the ones we have.
  • An end to the demolition and selling off of social housing that puts more pressure on the private rented sector. And for the council to ensure minimum affordable housing targets are met.

Growing our group

  • The more of us there are the louder our voice is, so we want to reach out to private renters in the borough to build the campaign and support one-another. We also seek to work with other groups on common causes.
  • We would like to employ a more effective leafletting and poster campaign as well as using social media.
  • Hold stalls around the borough making renters aware of their rights and where they can get support.

Support work

  • We hold monthly meetings for local private renters where we can share our problems. We will give any advice we can or signpost to more professional help if necessary. We will be running a twice-monthly drop-in advisory service from March 2016. Details to follow.

Training and skill share

  • We organise and take part in a number of workshops from renters rights to skill sharing events to educational seminars with other private renters groups from across London. keep an eye on this site or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

Networking and solidarity

  • Together we are stronger: We work with other groups and campaigns from across London to both support and learn from one another. We took part in the Focus E15 family day that led to the occupation of four flats on the Carpenters Estate, joined the New Era Estate on their marches through London and are now linking up with Action East End to challenge the demolition and selling off of social housing and public land to the private sector.
  • We are also a member of the Radical Housing Network, an open and non-hierarchical umbrella group that brings together London-based housing groups and campaigns of every persuasion.

Any questions? Please get in touch!


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